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Planting a Beautyberry

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ToDo: Replace a dear departed Oakleaf Hydrangea with a Beautyberry.

  1. Double dig glacial till.
  2. Layer organic lasagna back into the hole. Some may consider this not truly a lasagna garden because I dug a hole rather than using no-dig methods. I think of this as scraping away the unhealthy top layer left by former garage, sidewalk, and driveway construction. By going back to the original starting layer, the lasagna is started at a level that is both immediately productive for plant growth, and provides soil amendment beyond the dig depth, thus preparing the ground for the future needs of the growing root structure.
  3. Remove excess fill to the dry shade garden [under the pierus, rhododendron, and camellia]. This also provides amended infill in an area previously damaged the foundation build for the gazebo put in by the prior owner.
  4. Plant the beautyberry. This is the main thing. Three days of hard labor on a Memorial Day weekend so that we could take a plant out of plastic pot and put it into dirt.
  5. Along the way, play with the dog, sharpen some shovels and a pickax, sweep everything a few times. This is the real main thing. Quality time together. Acts of service. Leave the space better than you found it. Live.






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