A practice website using Wordpress on Lightsail

willaford.com: a practice site

  • Problem: Page indexing issues detected in willaford.com

    To the owner of willaford.com: Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 5 Page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site. Top Issues Duplicate without user-selected canonical Page with redirect Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user Alternate page with proper canonical tag Not found (404) We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

  • ToDo List June 2023

    The overall problem has two parts. … The second problem is that I currently lack the knowledge and have yet to build the skills necessary to solve the first problem.

  • HTTPS for Lightsail WordPress Instances

    What is the problem? expired certificate. What have I done about it? The old way: get a cert, think it is automatic, watch it expire. What did I need to to about it? The new way: https://lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ls/docs/en_us/articles/amazon-lightsail-enabling-https-on-wordpress Tried and tested on 6 June 2023. bncert found the existing cert for all of the domains, updated […]

  • Planting a Beautyberry

    Also, practice posting YouTube content via WordPress. From the wordpress instructions: “To add the YouTube block, click on the + Block Inserter icon and search for “youtube”. Click it to add the block to the post or page.” ToDo: Replace a dear departed Oakleaf Hydrangea with a Beautyberry.

  • Third Post, this time under my own name

    Forget ‘user’, this is now ‘William” Email is now setup. What have I learned? MX records are a pain in the neck. Nothing comes for free (not AWS SES, not Google Workspace, not anything useful in WP Mail) I prefer DMARC and DKIM over SPF, mostly because SPF relies on overiding/hacking TXT records with machine […]

  • Second Post — Testing the AWS Plugin

    In theory (adding a full stop to retest translation). This will be translated into Albanian and French. Also, this will include text-to-speech for all three languages English and French.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!